Your High Net Worth Divorce Checklist

Preparing for a high net worth divorce? Our easy to use checklist helps you track common issues that may be present when your divorce involves considerable assets and wealth.

When high net worth couples divorce, there are a number of issues that can turn an otherwise simple divorce into a complex web of litigation. Who gets custody of the kids? How are child support and alimony decided for wealthy couples? What about vacation homes, offshore accounts, suspicions about hidden assets, and other issues like prenuptial agreements?

The first steps towards dealing with the complexities of high net worth divorce is to pinpoint the issues present in your divorce. Go through the following checklist and bring this list with you when you meet with your attorney.

Use our list below or download and save our printable infographic at the end of the post.

High Net Worth Divorce Checklist


__ Legal Custody

__ Physical Custody

__ Parenting time

__ Child support

__ Private school tuition

__ Lesson and sports

__ College 529 Plan

__ Health insurance

__ Trusts and inheritance

__ Special needs

Marital Assets 

__ Retirement/pensions

__ 401Ks

__ Art collections

__ Jewelry

__ Savings accounts

__ Checking accounts

__ Furniture

__ Cars & other vehicles

__ Boats

Real Estate 

__ Marital home

__ Vacation home(s)

__ Time shares

__ Income properties

__ Maintenance Costs

__ Staff


__ Stocks/bonds

__ Business shares

__ Family business

__ Offshore investments

__ Business valuations

__ Complex tax filings

__ Risk for hidden assets


__ Alimony

__ Credit cards

__ Spending problems

__ Personal loans

__ Business losses

Premarital Assets 

__ Prenuptial agreements

__ Existing family business

__ Family trust

__ Personal bank accounts

Printable High Net Worth Divorce Checklist (download and print) 

high net worth divorce

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