How Does New Jersey’s Child Support Termination Law Impact You?

Effective February 1, 2017, a new child support law significantly changes how long, and under what circumstances, parents in New Jersey are obligated to pay support once their child has entered adulthood.

Do you have a child nearing the newly established child support cut-off age of 19? Our easy-to-follow slide presentation has important information you need to know:

In our presentation, you will learn:

  • Key provisions of the new child support termination law
  • The three limited circumstances that allow child support to continue
  • What happens after you receive the automatic termination notice in the mail
  • Documents to submit when applying for a continuance of child support
  • What payors can do if they disagree with the continuance,
  • The new maximum age for ANY child support in New Jersey
  •  And more

Learn More: Two Parents’ Stories

Our case studies give you a real life look at how parents are coping with these changes:

Payor Parent Case Study: John has paid child support for five years. His daughter is now 19 years old and not attending college. Will John’s support obligation terminate? Read: What does the new law mean for him?

Receiving Parent Case Study: Sarah has received child support for years. Her son Jacob is 19 and in college. What forms does she need to fill out and how can she make sure her child support continues?

If your child is over the age of nineteen, we can help you understand your rights and obligations. To discuss your support situation with one of our qualified and experienced family law attorneys, please contact us to schedule your initial consultation. With offices located throughout New Jersey, we are here for you in all your divorce and family law needs.