8 Financial Clues Your Spouse Wants a Divorce

Your instincts may be tell you that something strange is brewing in your marriage, or perhaps the tensions between the two of you are becoming palpable. But how do you really know if your spouse is considering splitting up and filing for divorce? The answer may be as simple as following the money trail. Read more

“October Surprise” Rumors for Obama and Romney Both Involve Divorce

Have you noticed that in the past few days, the 2012 presidential election has become all about…divorce? Rumor has it that an “October Surprise” or two may becoming down the pike for both candidates, and in both cases, the scandalous information in question seems to involve divorce-related issues. Read more

E-Visitation: NJ Bill Allows Skyping and Texting to Count as Parenting Time

Tom Cruise has taken a lot of heat for not seeing daughter Suri in the flesh over the past two months, though the two talk on the phone and video chat “at least once a day,” Cruise’s lawyer confirms. This has led some to speculate that perhaps Tom’s visitation with Suri may be extremely limited. Or is it? Following the lead of other states, a new bill before the New Jersey Assembly (Bill No. 2388), will allow telephone, email, texting, video conferencing and other communications technologies, to count as parenting time in some child custody agreements. Read more

Foul Ball! A Case Study on Understated Assets During Divorce: McCourt vs. McCourt

Not too long ago, we blogged about a very practical topic: “Getting Top Dollar for Household Items Sold During Divorce.” We covered things like how to post used books for sale on Amazon and how to work with an estate auctioneer to sell off furniture, artwork, antiques, collectables, and other items whose proceeds are typically split by a divorcing couple. One item we didn’t think to address? How to get top dollar for your…baseball team. Yet, this is exactly what Frank McCourt, former owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers, and his ex-wife Jamie McCourt are now wrangling over — two years after their divorce. Read more

Spying on Your Spouse During Divorce: How Far is Too Far?

Hidden video cameras. GPS tracking secretly installed in cars. Smartphone apps and computer spyware that save every text, search, and email…

Once accessible mainly to law enforcement or private investigators, surveillance technology has become cheaper and easier-to-use. And as a result, according to an investigative report by the Wall Street Journal, it’s turning modern divorce into a spying free-for-all as spouses increasingly turn to monitoring devices to obtain evidence of affairs and other marital wrongdoings. Read more

More Cohabiting Couples In Court After Breaking Up

Live with your partner, but never tied the knot, and now want to know what legal options are available in the event you break up? You are not alone, according to a recent poll of American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyer (AAML) members that revels a spike in the number of court battles between couples who had previously lived together. Overall, 48 percent of attorneys surveyed noted an increase in court cases involving cohabiting couples. At the same time, 39 percent of lawyers cite a rise in couples who seek cohabitation agreements. Read more

Study: Couples MORE Likely to Divorce When Spouses Split Housework

Guys, looking for the perfect excuse to get out of housework? How about not helping out around the house as a way to help the two of you stay together? It could be true, according to a new study from Norway that says couples who share household chores run a higher risk of divorce than couples where woman do most of the housework. Read more