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3 Secrets to Speeding Up the New Jersey Divorce Process


Is it possible to get a “quickie divorce” in New Jersey? The general benchmark for how long it takes to divorce in New Jersey stands at approximately 12 months (from filing to final decree), with some complex divorces cases taking upwards of 18 months or longer. However, every divorce is different. How can you and your spouse save time reaching a final settlement? Here are our three favorite tips for speeding up the divorce process. Read more

You Are Invited! WLG Announces “Family Law Tuesday” Facebook Q&A


Have a question about divorce, child custody, child support, alimony, marital assets, prenuptial agreements, or any other family law-related matter? On the first Tuesday of each month, Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group, LLC invites you to attend Family Law Tuesday, a live Q&A session hosted on our WLG Facebook page. Read more

Is Getting A Divorce About To Get Harder?

Divorce papers with hand and pen

Is there a nationwide movement afoot to make getting a divorce more difficult? A provocative new article in the Washington Post describes how a number of state legislatures are now pushing for waiting periods, mandating marriage classes, or even eliminating no-fault divorce entirely. Read more