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My Spouse Gave Me An STD: Can I Sue?

Filing a marital tort claimA long time ago, spouses were not able to sue each other for torts, or certain “wrongs” done to one another because of a doctrine called “spousal immunity.” That doctrine has long since gone by the wayside, opening the door for divorcing spouses to sue each other for various types of civil “wrongs” called marital torts. Read more

Got An STD From Your Ex? That’s Marital Tort

iStock_000018458248MediumIt almost goes without saying that the events and circumstances that lead a couple to divorce are typically not very pleasant ones. Your spouse may have cheated on you. The two of you may have endured tense disagreements over marital finances, or fights about how to raise your children.

In some situations, however, the wounds suffered during the process of marital breakdown go far beyond normal feelings of betrayal and  enter the legal territory of a court claim called a marital tort. Read more