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Home Alone? When Does Leaving You Kids Become Neglect?

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When parents make the decision to leave their children home unsupervised, sometimes, it’s by choice and sometimes it’s by necessity. Perhaps the parent is going next door to a friends for a short time. Or, perhaps they need to get to a job interview and can’t afford child care. When does this decision mean that the parent is neglecting their child?  Read more

Is Spanking Child Abuse?

is spanking child abuseSpanking, or the use of corporal punishment as a child rearing practice, has been a hot-button topic in parenting circles for decades. At the heart of this debate is an extremely important question: does spanking or slapping your child as a consequence for misbehavior merely a form discipline — or is it a form of child abuse? Read more

Court Rules on Dad’s Bad Behavior At Child’s Little League Game

bad parent behaviorWe see — and hear them — at baseball fields, hockey arenas, and wherever kids play sports:  parents who think nothing of screaming at coaches, referees, other parents, and their children. Is your ex one of them? Find out what happened when one fed-up former spouse went to court to have her child’s other parent barred from sporting events for bad behavior. Read more

Court To Adoptive Parents: No Undoing Adoption Even In Troubling Circumstances

Questions about children and adoption?In a novel decision by the Cape May county Chancery Division, the court has ruled that adoptive parents are not able to “undo” the adoption of their child, who had begun acting violently to the family and to schoolmates, because they waited seven years to bring the application to the court. Read more

Which NJ Child Custody Option Is Right For You?

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If you will need to determine child custody as part of your divorce, the number of child custody options available to New Jersey families may seem overwhelming. What exactly is the difference between joint, sole and shared custody? Should you ask for legal custody, physical custody, or both? What about visitation and parenting time?

In New Jersey, it’s the law that custody decisions must be made with the best interest of the child in mind. So what’s best for your child? Here are some factors to weigh in coming up with a custody plan that works for your family. Read more