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Are Couples Still Consciously Uncoupling?

conscious uncoupling

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It was a few years ago that the majority of us first heard the term “conscious uncoupling” in relation to the separation and eventual divorce of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin. They had vowed to utilize this method to end their relationship and move forward, in a more peaceful and healthy manner. Are people still utilizing this method today? Has it proven successful? And for the yet uninitiated, what exactly is conscious uncoupling? Read more

Want A Quick Divorce? Mediation May Be The Answer

mediation saves time and moneyWhen divorcing spouses cannot or will not work out their differences, they may end up before the courts in a divorce trial. The trial itself often takes several days, if not weeks, and the hearings that precede the trial can take months or even years in some cases. Is there an alternative to this frequently drawn out process? Yes. It’s a way to divorce known as mediation. As a divorce process, mediation can save couples time (and money) and the stress of a divorce trial. Read more

3 Tips For Getting An Amicable Divorce

how do you achieve an amicable divorce?Nightmare divorces make great fodder for headlines, but the truth is, not every divorce turns into The War Of The Roses. The stories that send shivers up your spine generally involve one or both people with mental health and/or significant substance abuse issues. With practice and foresight, couples that don’t face those challenges can take the following steps to keep their divorce as amicable and collaborative as possible. Read more