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Follow Custody Rules On Moving Out of State With Your Child Or Face The Consequences

Our world is constantly changing, and as a result, people live much different lives today than they did even twenty or thirty years ago. More and more parents are relocating out of state for many reasons: family, employment, and schooling. But, what if you have custody of your children? Does that give you free reign to move out of New Jersey with the kids? Contrary to popular belief, having custody of your child, even sole custody, does not automatically guarantee you the ability to move to a new state. There are certain laws that you must follow to ensure that you are not subjecting yourself to a possible parental kidnapping charge here in New Jersey. Read more

Tips for Relocating With Your Children Out of State

relocating with your children out of stateYou have gotten that dream job and you are all set to accept the offer. But, there is one issue. The job is located in Florida and you live, with your children, in New Jersey. What is the best way to approach relocating with your children out of state? Here are several tips to help you navigate moving out of state with minor children: Read more