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New Jersey Law Requires Fertility Treatment Coverage for Same-Sex Couples

infertility treatment for same-sex coupleEarlier this week, Gov. Chris Christie signed legislation that compels insurance carriers for state government workers and public school employees to provide fertility treatment coverage for women in same sex relationships. This bill came out of a federal civil rights law suit that was filed last year against the State of New Jersey by a same-sex couple whose application for fertility coverage was denied by their health care provider, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey. Here’s how the new law came about, and what same-sex couples can expect their insurance to cover. Read more

When Infertility Plays A Role In Divorce

Along with the heartbreak of not being able to have a baby, the stress and financial strain of infertility and unsuccessful fertility treatments can take a heavy toll on a couple’s relationship, according to a new study that found the divorce rate among infertile couples unable to get pregnant triple that of couples who received help for fertility issues and ultimately had a baby. Read more

In Surrogacy Case, Infertile Woman Fights To Be Named Legal Mother

In its annual look back at notable law cases argued before the New Jersey Supreme Court over the past year, the New Jersey Law Journal highlights a case that divided the court on the rights of infertile women. Namely, should an infertile woman who uses a surrogate to have a baby be allowed to be named on the child’s birth certificate as mother, or is the woman required to go through the New Jersey adoption process first before being considered a child’s legal mother? Read more