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Should Mothers Day Be Included in Your Parenting Time Plan?

mothers dayYour child custody agreement may address holidays like Thanksgiving, and special events like your child’s birthday. But what about other special celebration days during the year…like Mothers Day? As we get set to honor moms this Sunday, let’s take a look at how Mothers Day (and Fathers Day) can be worked into parenting time agreements. Read more

6 Ways To Get More Holiday Parenting Time With Your Kids

If you are divorced or separated and your scheduled parenting plan says your children will be spending the holidays with your former spouse, you may be wondering if there’s any possible way to still see your kids on the holiday. The answer for most co-parents is: yes! Here are six practical tips to help you negotiate contact time with your children during Christmas or Hanukkah, and other days during this special time of year.   Read more

5 Strategies For Co-Parenting Success On Thanksgiving

co-parenting over Thanksgiving For many separated parents, Thanksgiving, and the entire holiday season, can spell stress, anxiety and frustration. Emotions can run high, for everyone…but it simply does not have to be this way! Whether you have the children with you for Turkey Day or if this is your spouse’s year, here are five tips to help you achieve holiday co-parenting success. Read more