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My Daughter’s Ex Is A Narcissist — How Do I Help? (Part II)

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In Part I, Angela, the mother of an adult daughter divorcing a narcissist, educated herself on high-conflict personalities to learn how they think and why they create so much drama. In Part II, she sees a specialist to learn how to help her daughter manage her narcissistic ex. Read more

My Daughter Is Divorcing a Narcissist — How Do I Help? (Part I)

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If your adult child is going through a divorce with a high-conflict ex, you’re probably feeling their pain – and your own. You may feel angry or betrayed by your former in-law’s behavior. You may worry that your grown child isn’t making the best legal decisions. And if you have grandchildren, you’re no doubt concerned about how they’ll cope.

How can you support your adult child while respecting his or her right to make their own choices? Read on to learn how Angela helped her daughter deal with her narcissistic ex. Read more

High Conflict Divorce: 5 Tips For Gaining Peace of Mind With a Controlling Ex

controlling exTrapped in a high conflict divorce with  an intrusive ex-spouse who thinks you can do nothing right? Are their attempts to manage the way you spend child support or parent the kids making you feel like you’re living in a dictatorship? Read on to learn more about controlling exes and what you can do to regain peace of mind. Read more

Custody Battles: How Bad Could It Get?

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Every child custody battle is rough, but when the entire marriage has been rife with conflict, the parties are in for a particularly bumpy ride. What does a “worst  case scenario” custody fight look like? Read on for warring spouses Jake and Abby’s story… Read more

What Is Parental Alienation?

parental alienationParental Alienation happens when one parent brainwashes a child into believing the other parent is “bad” or dangerous, so that the child rejects that parent. The alienation can occur almost overnight and most often occurs in high-conflict divorces. Here is how to recognize and understand if signs of parental alienation may be present in your relationship. Read more

Divorcing A Narcissist: Tips, Tools, And What To Expect

divorcing a narcissistDivorcing a narcissist is far more challenging than divorcing a “regular person.” Are you locked in a battle with a combative ex? Here are some important tips and tools you can use to keep conflict in your divorce to a minimum.   Read more

Top Tips for Overcoming Parental Alienation

recognizing parental alienationThankfully more and more courts here in New Jersey are recognizing and addressing cases of parental alienation when they come before the family judges. If you believe that your child has been subjected to parental alienation tactics what can you do? Here are some tips to overcome this situation: Read more

Parallel Parenting: When Co-Parenting Doesn’t Work

parallel parentingSome people will never be able to co-parent effectively. No amount of mediation, therapy, or positive thinking will get them there. Sound familiar? If you are stuck in a high conflict divorce, or if the conflict continues although your divorce was finalized long ago…it may be time to learn about parallel parenting, a form of parenting that can ease the tension when parents don’t get along.

Read more

How To Raise A Secure Child – Even In A Bad Divorce

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When not handled well, divorce can make it difficult for children to achieve the most important goal of childhood: feeling securely attached to their caregivers. That doesn’t mean this goal can’t be achieved, but it does require that divorced parents be vigilant about providing reassurance and consistency in their children’s lives – especially in situations where one parent is minimally involved. How can you help your child form healthy attachments? Read on for important information every divorcing parent should know… Read more

Divorce Horror Story: Bickering Parents & Halloween Trick-or-Treating

halloween divorce horror storySusan and Anthony’s disagreement over how their daughter would spend Halloween amped up their already fright-filled high conflict divorce, and ruined what should have been an evening of fun for their eight-year-old. Are you and your ex haunted by the holidays and where and how your child should spend them? Read our Halloween co-parenting horror story, then get tips for how to make October 31 a treat and not a trick for your co-parented kids. Read more