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5 Sensitive Pieces Of Information You Should Always Share With Your Divorce Attorney

sensitive information to share with your divorce attorneyTune in Friday, April 7 at 11 am on our Facebook page for a LIVE webinar on key information to share with your divorce attorney!

Spouses going through a divorce experience a vast array of emotions: anger, resentment, sadness and even embarrassment, especially over very sensitive or personal details about their marriage or separation. Difficult emotions can lead people to withhold certain information from their attorneys — as can a desire to keep quiet information that they may not want to share with their spouse. In either instance, it is never a wise idea to keep secrets from your divorce attorney, whose very role is to be your advocate as well as your confidant during this time.

Be comforted that any statements you make (unless you are planning on committing a crime or planning to lie under oath) are protected by the attorney-client privilege, so take a deep breath, and share! Here are 5 sensitive items you should absolutely tell your attorney: Read more

3 Ways Spouses Hide Assets

hidden sources of incomeIt can be frustrating to go though a divorce, but it is even more frustrating when you believe that your spouse is hiding or concealing income or assets from you or your divorce attorney. Are the numbers simply not adding up to you? Here are three common ways that spouses attempt to hide assets or money in a divorce: Read more

Divorce Dilemma: My Spouse Is Hiding Income

hidden sources of incomeIf your spouse does not provide full income disclosure during your divorce, it can set you up to receive an unfair settlement, including lowered amounts of alimony and child support. Are you suspicious that your spouse is withholding critical financial information? Here are some tips for making sure your divorce settlement adds up. Read more