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Getting Ready To Divorce? 3 Tips To Prepare Yourself Emotionally

preparing for your attorney consultation The prospect of untangling finances in your divorce and losing time with your children is wrenching. Add in uncertainty about your home, your lifestyle, and your social circle, and you may feel completely destabilized. You know your emotions are off-kilter if you experience any of the following:

– You can’t sleep,
– You can’t eat,
– You can’t concentrate on anything other than your divorce,
– You cry excessively,
– You’re consumed with guilt over the effect on your children, or
– You dream of exacting revenge on your soon-to-be ex.

Being in a state of turmoil when contemplating or deciding on getting divorced is common, and frankly, understandable. At the same time, when you go to your initial meeting with your divorce attorney, you will need to ask and answer questions about your finances, strategies, possible outcomes, and what you must do to protect yourself and your children. Beginning the legal process of divorce in as calm a state of mind as possible is important. How do you get there? Here are three ways to emotionally prepare for your initial divorce consultation. Read more

Beginning the Divorce Process: Essential Documents Needed for Divorce


Once you have decided to divorce, an essential first step to take is to gather together all the many financial documents and legal records that will be needed as you move forward with the divorce process in New Jersey. Your goal in collecting this information is to create the most complete and accurate picture of your income, the assets and debts you accumulated as a couple, and normal household expenses.

Preliminary documents and records to gather include: Read more

How Does Collaborative Divorce Differ From Traditional Divorce?

What is collaborative divorce — and is it right for you? If you and spouse have made the difficult decision to divorce, it makes sense to explore the many options and pathways available for reaching a divorce settlement. Gone are the days when getting a divorce always meant having a judge decide your matters. In today’s divorce landscape, there are a number of alternative dispute resolution and out of court settlement options, including divorce mediation, divorce arbitration, and the subject of this blog: Collaborative divorce. Read more