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Want to Burn Your Assets on the Altar of Ego? Have a Litigated Divorce!

contested divorce
Ah, the contested divorce. Everyone involved is angry, hurt, feeling betrayed and watching their wallets get smaller and smaller as their cases drag on longer and longer. Every word spoken is misinterpreted and used as fuel for yet another fire. Heaven forbid there are children involved, who, like the little sponges they are, will absorb all of this negativity swirling constantly around them. Read more

Child Custody Battle Breakthroughs: 4 Strategies That Really Work!

breaking through custody battlesCaught up in fighting with your soon-to-be former spouse — or in an all out war — over child custody? Get ready to put your custody battles behind you with these four steps for lowering conflict. Read more

5 Reasons To Avoid Divorce Litigation At All Costs

how to avoid divorce litigation

For some couples, litigating their matters in court before a judge is the best possible way to reach a resolution in their divorce. For other couples, litigation doesn’t solve conflict; it actually creates more of it. Many people mistakenly believe that they need the most aggressive lawyer in town to defend their legal rights. And when one spouse hires a shark attorney, chances are the other spouse will follow suit in order not to be “out-lawyered.” Yet even with two reasonable attorneys, divorce litigation is likely to inflame conflict, not resolve it. Read on to find out why the divorce litigation process should be avoided at all costs. Read more

The 6 Basic Ways to Divorce in New Jersey

The final piece

What is getting divorced in New Jersey really like? Many believe the divorce process involves making their case in “divorce court” with a judge deciding the terms of their settlement. In reality, going through divorce litigation (aka, “going to court”) is but one of six different alternatives available for New Jersey couples seeking to dissolve their marriages. Here’s a look at each available divorce method. Which one is right for your divorce? Read more

Making The Most Of Your Day In Court

New Jersey DCP&P Superior Court Procedures

This week, the courtroom antics of Genevieve Sabourin grabbed headlines when the Canadian actress, in a NY court to face charges of stalking actor Alec Baldwin, was given 30 days in jail after a judge held her in contempt of court for repeatedly interrupting proceedings. Read more

Essex County Divorce Trials Back On! Now What?

Eight months after being halted in Essex County, divorce trials are now slated to resume in the state’s busiest courthouse starting September 1, 2012. Trials were first suspended in December 2011 due to New Jersey’s ongoing judge shortage crisis. With careful maneuvering, however, and the use of temporary judges from other counties, Essex County has winnowed it’s vacancy rate down to just 10 open spots among its allowed 44 judges.

This is welcome news, but it looks like divorcing couples in Essex County waiting for their litigated and/or contested divorce to proceed still need to have patience when it comes to having their day in court. Read more