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Divorce: Do You Really Want to Keep the House?

Having trouble in your divorce deciding whether or not you want to sell your house or buy out your spouse’s share of the equity and keep it? In many cases, the financial pressures of divorce make selling the house a no-brainer—you may simply need the funds as soon as possible.

When the decision is less clear cut, however, weighing the pros and cons can be confusing. Here are a few tips to keep in mind if you find yourself in this situation: Read more

Will the Government Shutdown Affect Your Divorce?

2018 update! On Friday, December 21, 2018, the U.S. federal government partially shutdown due to conflicting views on government funding. With no end in sight, and the holidays upon us, what could a prolonged government shutdown mean for your divorce? For a preview, let’s take a look at what happened during the last major shutdown in 2013…

Since the federal government shut down at midnight Tuesday, over 800,000 federal employees across dozens of agencies have been furloughed and many service-providing governmental departments and agencies across the country are now closed or running on limited staff. How can the government shutdown affect divorce proceedings and other related issues, including child support and alimony payments? Here are four key concerns: Read more

How To Sell Your Home in a Divorce

Sell Your Home in a Divorce
When you divorce, your family home may be your most valuable marital asset — as well as your biggest shared liability if you’re still carrying a mortgage. What happens to the house in a divorce? Read more