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Parenting Time: What To Do When Your Kids Refuse To Go To Your Ex’s House

refusal to follow parenting time plan

Are your children refusing to budge when it’s time for custody drop off or pick up? Transitioning between two households can be stressful for kids adjusting to their parents’ divorce. Before you jump to conclusions, take time to explore what might be contributing to your children’s reactions and what you can do to help your kids get through this difficult time. Read more

The Pokémon Go! Craze: Can You Stop Your Ex From Letting Your Kid Play?

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You have undoubtedly heard of Pokémon Go! by this point. It seems that nearly everyone from every corner of the globe is running around trying to virtually capture Pokémon creatures and engaging in duels with other players in virtual “gyms.” There are some pros to this new phenomenon; specifically the game is getting children outside and moving around. And, it encourages kids to go out and explore their neighborhoods and cities.

With that said, there are also some negatives. Pokémon Go! is highly addictive, especially for children. According to children’s technology researcher, Dr. Kristy Goodwin, “The game has a very strong addictive potential, which is my number one red flag. We’re seeing adults who have very quickly formed this digital dependency on playing the game. Children have a less developed brain architecture and are a lot more susceptible to its addictive potential.”

Given all this, you may be ready to see Pokémon Go become Pokémon Gone. But what about your ex? What happens if you don’t approve of your children playing Pokémon Go!, but your ex allows them to participate? Read more