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Divorced Parents: Are You Required To Pay Your Child’s Grad School Tuition?

do divorced parents need to pay grad school tuition? There has been a lot of buzz about the changes to the child support statute in New Jersey set to take effect in February of 2017. Under the new legislation, there should be no financial support required by a non-custodial parent after a child turns 23 years old. Will there be exceptions to this rule when it comes to parental contributions to graduate school tuition? According to a recent child support ruling in Ocean County, the answer may be yes. Read more

Divorce & College Tuition Costs: What’s Your Obligation to Pay?

paying for collegeAs college tuition bills begin to arrive this month, parents can be in store for sticker shock. With college costs soaring, paying for a child’s higher education can be a challenge for any family. For divorced parents, there can be added layers of complexity. What are your tuition obligations? Do you have any say in these decisions? And what about child support?

Bari Weinberger recently wrote an in depth piece for the New Jersey Law Journal about how the courts rule when divorced parents disagree over college tuition payments, as featured on LinkedIn. What do you need to know about your rights and financial responsibilities for your college-bound child? Here are four key points to consider. Read more