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The 5 Best Things You Can Do For Your Kids During Divorce

kids and divorceYou can’t change the fact that you’re getting divorced, but you can do things to ease the transition for your children. Read on to learn how you can support your child during this difficult time. Read more

The Kids Are All Right: How Kids Can Be Stronger And Healthier After Divorce

How Kids Can Be Stronger And Healthier After Divorce
Some miserably married couples stay together for the kids, but the truth is, conflict hurts children more than divorce itself. Read more

Answering Older Children’s Questions About Divorce

older kids and divorce

One of the most difficult tasks of divorce is telling your children you’re splitting up. Before you sit down to give them the news, it’s important to anticipate questions they might have and be prepared for how to answer them. Read more

How To Protect Children of Divorce From Depression

children and divorceUp to 25% of children whose parents divorce have emotional and behavioral difficulties, as compared to 10% of children from intact homes. How do you know if your child is one of the 25% — and how do you help him? Read more