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Child Custody Battles: When to Fight & When to Forgive?


When child custody needs to be settled in a couple’s divorce, it’s all too easy for the issue of how much time a child spends with each parent to turn into a battleground. Are tensions running high in your child custody matter? Not sure whether you should keep fighting or be willing to negotiate? Here are some tips for how to step back, reassess, and move forward on the path to resolution that’s best for you and your family. Read more

Charlie Sheen Custody War Shines Light on Role of Psychological Evaluators

It’s hard to miss the headlines this week concerning the all out war brewing between actor Charlie Sheen and his ex-wife Brook Mueller over the custody of their twin sons, Bob and Max. Among Sheen’s accusations are allegations of disregard for the children’s safety during visits with their mother and refusal on the part of Mueller to obtain psychological counseling for the boys, despite documented behavior problems.

While the details of the Sheen-Mueller dispute are complex, it also shows that serious child custody and child welfare issues can crop up anywhere, no matter what your income or profession. Sheen and Mueller are battling through the California courts, but what if a similar situation were to occur between two parents living in New Jersey? Read more