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Filing Tax Returns After Separation or Divorce, Part 1

filing taxes after divorce

If you are newly separated or divorced, filing a federal tax return can present a host of new and confusing options and scenarios. In honor of the approaching April 15th tax filing deadline, this month we will be sharing some of this valuable information with you in a three-part series discussing tax issues and divorce. Read more

4 Tips For Filing Your Taxes When You’re Getting Divorced

Tax form, operating budget and stopwatch

Tax season is almost upon us, and if you’re separated or in the process of getting divorced, you may be concerned about how your relationship change will affect filing your income taxes. Do you still file as a married couple if you split up in 2014? Will selling your house this year as part of your divorce drive up how much you owe Uncle Sam next year? What about alimony payments? Here are four tips for dealing with common divorce-related tax issues. Read more