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Divorce & College Tuition Costs: What’s Your Obligation to Pay?

paying for collegeAs college tuition bills begin to arrive this month, parents can be in store for sticker shock. With college costs soaring, paying for a child’s higher education can be a challenge for any family. For divorced parents, there can be added layers of complexity. What are your tuition obligations? Do you have any say in these decisions? And what about child support?

Bari Weinberger recently wrote an in depth piece for the New Jersey Law Journal about how the courts rule when divorced parents disagree over college tuition payments, as featured on LinkedIn. What do you need to know about your rights and financial responsibilities for your college-bound child? Here are four key points to consider. Read more

Child Abuse And Custody: Recognizing The Signs & Protecting Your Children

child abuse and neglectAccording to a 2013 report from The National Children’s Alliance, 679,000 children in the United States were victims of abuse and neglect. Unfortunately, one or more parents were responsible for almost 80% of reported child fatalities. Are your kids be at risk? As part of April’s Child Abuse & Neglect Awareness Month, here are signs to look for if you suspect your current or former spouse is abusing your children, and vital steps you can take to keep your kids safe. Read more

Does The End Of School = The End of Child Support? Not So Fast…

Education costs
Your child has just graduated from high school, or maybe he or she has her 18th birthday coming up. Whatever milestone is within sight, if you are a parent who has paid child support over these last few years, you may be wondering: am I still obligated to provide support once my child is an adult? Read more

Can An Adult Child With Power Of Attorney Handle An Elderly Parent’s Divorce?

iStock_000006889407Small Many grown ups in their 40s and 50s are part of the so-called “sandwich generation,” a growing group of adults who find themselves stuck in the middle caring for their own children and for the needs of their aging parents. These adult children might find themselves tasked with duties ranging from bringing their elderly parent to doctor’s appointments to serving as Power of Attorney over their parent’s financial affairs. But what happens in the event an older parent decides to divorce? A recent Ocean County NJ Superior Court ruling helps to clarify just how involved adult children can be in divorce proceedings, regardless of whether the adult child holds Power of Attorney (POA).    Read more

Is There a Cutoff Age For New Jersey Child Support?

Maria and John divorced when their daughter was three years old. John has kept up with his monthly child support payments for the past 15 years. With his daughter turning 18 in a few months and heading off to college in the fall, John knows that he will contribute to his daughter’s college tuition and room and board costs. But what about those monthly child support checks he’s been sending Maria? Do they automatically stop once his daughter is considered an adult in the eyes of the law? Read more