Could You Use a Laugh? Top 10 Funny Divorce Movies

The 2013 summer blockbuster season has begun with the movies such as Iron Man 3 and The Great Gatsby set to break records at the box office. But what about movies about divorce? For a stress-busting laugh, check out your local video store or Netflix for these 10 humorous and heart-warming takes on divorce. Because we all need to lighten the mood sometimes, start popping the popcorn for these favorite — and funny — divorce movies:

1. First Wives’ Club

Diane Keaton, Goldie Hawn, and Bette Midler have all lost their husbands to younger women.  So they decide not to get mad, but get even — with hilarious results.

2. Liar Liar

Jim Carrey and Maura Tierney play a divorced couple too busy with their careers to pay attention to their son, Max.  Max makes a wish on his birthday candles that – for one day – his father could not tell a lie.  The wish comes true, with very funny results.

3.Jerry McGuire

You had me at hello! Renèe Zellweger plays a divorced, single mom who is the only person to follow Jerry Maguire (Tom Cruise) out of his job as a sports agent after he recommends the company focus less on money and more on people. The two fall in love in this uplifting romantic comedy.

4. The War of the Roses

In this dark comedy favorite, Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner play Oliver and and Barbara Rose, a couple getting a divorce after 17 years of marriage. The only snag in their plans? Their house means the world to both of them, so, in the words of Daffy Duck, “This means war.”

5. Along Came Polly

Reuben Feffer (played hilariously by Ben Stiller is a risk assessment guy, and after marrying the woman of his dreams (Debra Messing) the two go on a blissful honeymoon, only to have her cheat on him with her foreign scuba instructor (Hank Azaria). Now on his own, a sad and dejected Reuben runs into an old classmate named Polly, played by Jennifer Aniston. She’s spontaneous and quirky, but will she be Reuben’s second chance at love and romance?

6. Intolerable Cruelty

Described as “a revenge-seeking gold digger marries a womanizing Beverly Hills lawyer with the intention of making a killing in the divorce,” this romantic comedy from the Oscar-winning Coen brothers stars Catherine Zeta-Jones and George Clooney in a movie that’s really about men, women and everything that can go wrong between them.

7. Hope Floats

After moving back to her small hometown in Texas, Birdee Calvert (Sandra Bullock) must choose between her morals and her heart after her husband divorces her and a charming young man, who her daughter disapproves of, comes back into her life.

8. Must Love Dogs

Can this movie be any cuter? Sarah Nolan, a recently divorced thirty-something year old, has a family that just can’t help getting involved in her personal life, or lack there of. After her sister puts her profile on, this preschool teacher goes on a number of outrageous and hilarious dates. But will she be able to find the one — who must, of course, love dogs?

9. Under The Tuscan Sun

Stop the bus! While on vacation, a just-divorced writer buys a villa in Tuscany on a whim, hoping it will be the start of a change for the better in her life. And yes, it’s another Diane Lane movie!

10. It’s Complicated

During his son’s college graduation, Jane (Meryl Streep) hooks up with her ex-husband, Jake (Alec Baldwin), who’s married to a younger woman. As if being your ex’s mistress isn’t tough enough, Jane also finds herself drawn to Adam (Steve Martin), a smitten architect. And you guessed it . . . with this trio of talented actors on board, this movie is as funny as it is poignant.