3 Steps to Choosing the Right Divorce Lawyer

finding the right attorney

Who needs more stress added to getting divorced? Deciding to end your marriage can be a pressure cooker of emotions for your entire family. But, finding the right divorce attorney to represent you should not be fraught with anxiety, tension or uncertainty. In fact, your attorney should be a strong advocate for you, but also a source of calm reassurance when the processes and procedures of divorce threaten to overwhelm. So, how do you being the search for the right divorce lawyer for you?

Know thyself first

These true words apply not only to you during your divorce, but also apply to your spouse. Before you decide on a family law attorney to represent you, be honest about your and your spouse’s personalities. If you are divorcing a narcissist who has attempted to control your every move since the day you met, then you need an attorney who will recognize that a light touch or a push towards mediation may not be the right approach for you. The same goes if you feel as though you might be a pushover in any scenario that involves negotiation. In this situation, you need a tough attorney who will be a source of strength and who will not be intimidated by your spouse. It is always a good idea to let your new attorney know the dynamics of the relationship and the complex personalities early, so they can prepare properly.

Take your time choosing

Do not rush to choose an attorney. The selection is an important one and should not be made lightly or based upon the fact that the attorney is your boss’s cousin who happens to be a lawyer. Set up several consultations with attorneys who are from your county. In selecting, find out if the attorney is not only familiar with family law here in New Jersey, but also if they are familiar with your county, the judges and the court staff that will be handling your divorce. This type of experience is invaluable and can actually make your divorce process a bit quicker. Be sure that the attorney has enough time for you during your consult, that they really listened to your goals and that they understood what is in the best interests of your entire family. Building a strong relationship and rapport with your attorney is a fantastic asset to have during this rocky time.

Ask around

There are so many ways today to get an opinion on the attorney you are considering. If you have had the benefit of a direct referral, great. Ask your friend or your family member why they are recommending this particular attorney and find out what they specifically helped them with that left a lasting impression. If you can, see if your cases are similar in nature. It may not be helpful if the attorney assisted your friend in a domestic violence matter, but has no real divorce experience. If your referral did not come from a family member or friend, rather from internet research, you are in good company. More and more prospective clients are looking to the web to find their next attorney and many websites now offer ratings and reviews of attorneys online. You have the ability to look at the attorneys education, experience and reviews from past clients. Of course, do not let the information online be your only criteria when selecting an attorney. Always go into their office for an in-person consultation before making any decisions.

Above all, be comfortable with your choice. If you find out that you made the wrong decision, fear not. You can always tell you attorney that you are not a good match and that you would like to seek other counsel. Just be sure that you screen any new possible attorneys as well!

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