FREE Webinar: 5 Key Strategies for Divorcing a Narcissist

If you are divorcing someone with Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD), you need to understand the sort of behaviors to expect, and how to cope. 

Divorcing a narcissist can be difficult — both emotionally and legally — and that’s why we put together a special free webinar on key strategies that can get you through your divorce with confidence and peace of mind. Register now and watch if for free! 

Why divorcing a narcissist is different

When you have a narcissist spouse, it can mean additional stress or all-out war in your divorce. From who gets the kids to division of assets to allocating martial debts, narcissists know just how to inflame an already tense process with outrageous demands, relentless court fights, and even false allegations. 

Don’t go into divorce from a narcissist without first learning the key techniques that are effective for defusing this high conflict personality type.

Register now to watch for free and learn essential information including: 

– How do you know if your spouse is a narcissist? 

– What could happen when you start divorcing a narcissist? 

– How can you help your children deal with the divorce and lessen their exposure to any conflict between the two of you? 

– 5 legal and emotional techniques for keeping a narcissist in check as you divorce. 

– Legal options and strategies open to you in your divorce or in an abuse situation… and more!

Join us for this FREE webinar presented by divorce and family law expert and Certified Matrimonial Attorney Robyn Howlett ESQ and Virginia Gilbert, MFT, to give you strategies for getting through your divorce. Register online now!

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