Five Fast States for a Divorce

Suppose you and your spouse decide it’s over and you want to move on as fast as possible. Two factors play into the speed of your divorce (provided, of course, that there’s little controversy between you): minimum processing time and minimum residency requirements. Let’s take a look at some of the states that allow you to move quickly in these areas.

Alaska Hello, chilly friends up north! If you are an Alaska resident, you’re in luck when it comes to divorce–the minimum processing time is only thirty days! No wonder the state has the nation’s highest divorce rate (14.4 people file annually per 1000 residents).

Idaho You only have to live in Idaho for six weeks before filing for divorce, but it’s a lovely state and maybe you’ll want to stay longer. That’s good because the processing time is a minimum of 62 days. The fee, though, is only $129, which is a pretty good buy compared to Nevada, our other six week residence state.

Missouri You only have to live in Missouri for three months to establish residency, and after that sit through a one month waiting period. That means the whole deed can be done in only four months, which compares favorably to states with shorter residency periods, but longer post-filing waits. Plus you can kill some time going to Cardinal games and looking at the Arch.

Nevada If you live in a state that drags its feet when it comes to divorce processing time, then you’ll love Nevada. It’s still the classic–you only have to live in Nevada for six weeks before filing for a divorce. The minimum processing time is 42 days, but hey, it’s not like you won’t be able to find things to do while you’re waiting….

New Hampshire If you love beautiful mountain scenery, tranquil lakes, and super fast divorces, you will love New Hampshire. How quick, you ask? Well, New Hampshire has no minimum processing time for a divorce, which means once you file, you’re practically done. The downside, though, is that at least one spouse must be a New Hampshire resident for one year before filing, though, so this is really the best option for those who already live in NH.

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