Divorce Doesn’t Have To Get Messy! Free Divorce Webinar

Divorce Doesnt Have to Get Messy webinar

Does divorce have to be aggressive, contentious and a constant battle?  NO.  There IS another way.

Yes, you CAN have a low conflict divorce.
Yes, you CAN maintain a positive relationship with your spouse throughout your divorce.
Yes, you CAN be left in a good place with your ex, able to co-parent well, and without animosity.

On Tuesday November 21, family law expert Bari Z. Weinberger will give an overview of the legal options and HOW to achieve this. In this free, live webinar divorce expert Ms Weinberger will illustrate the perils that can wreck your chances of a ‘good’ divorce and 3 of the legal strategies you can use in New Jersey to keep your divorce peaceful and positive. Register here.

Divorce Doesn’t Have To Get Messy talks us through:

  • What are the perils and potential pitfalls that can mess up your divorce, your kids, and your future?
  • How to keep your divorce out of the courtroom
  • What are the alternatives to a litigated divorce in NJ?
  • How to keep your divorce low-conflict
  • Your legal options …and more!

Bring your notepad and your questions and we will answer your divorce questions live! Register for this webinar via the link below. Guest list is strictly confidential and places are strictly limited.


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