Celebrity Divorce Role Models: Russell Brand and Katy Perry

We all know about dreadful celebrity divorces–the type where the future exes drag each other’s name through the mud, hang their dirty personal laundry out in the tabloids, scrap for every dollar, and argue over child custody issues. Astonishingly, though, there are celebrities who bring their marriage to an end quietly and peacefully. Today’s exemplars of A-list Divorce Done Right are Russell Brand and Katy Perry.

The perky singer and wild-haired comic married in 2010, announced their plans to divorce late last year, and filed their papers on Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court, stating that they “have entered into a comprehensive written settlement of all issues, including, without limitation, with respect to the property to be confirmed or assigned to each party.”

Here’s the big news–they did not have a prenuptial agreement and since California is a community property state, Brand could have forced the much higher-earning Perry to pool her money with his modest means and split it evenly. To show how it can go, California residents Kobe and Vanessa Bryant didn’t have a prenup and as a result, Vanessa walked away with half of Kobe’s $150 million worth, all three of their houses, and asked for spousal support. Brand could have lived off California Gurl Perry’s earnings for a long time, but apparently he either has a lot of faith in his own career (despite the bomb that was his first starring movie role, the remake of “Arthur”) or plans to be a model of simple living (that’s Hollywood simple living, not normal simple living).

To top off the peaceful proceedings, Perry drew a smiley face next to her signature on the divorce documents. Now that’s a happy un-couple!

Perry and Brand aren’t the only Hollywood couple to split as easily as a banana. Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds married in 2008, announced their plans to divorce in late 2010, and had the divorce finalized in July 2011, with hardly a peep out of either of them during the proceedings. Like Brand and Perry, neither took money from the other. Their divorce was almost as pretty as they are–almost.

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony decided to divorce in July 2011, and while their divorce isn’t final, things certainly appear to be going smoothly, especially in terms of their careers. Lopez returned for her second season as an “American Idol” judge after a well-received first year on the show, and the soon-to-be-exes have their own successful competition show on Univision. They also introduced a line of clothing for Kohl’s department stores. Lopez and Anthony’s marriage may not have worked out, but they should win some kind of prize for their  ability to keep the business and the personal separate!

So hopefully the rest of Hollywood is paying attention to these quiet couples (this means you, Heidi and Seal, Ashton and Demi). Otherwise, well, we’ll see you on TMZ.com!