4 Smart Ways To Speed Up Your Divorce

Looking to get a “quick divorce”? The state you live in — and the process you use for your divorce — can play a big role in how long it takes to legally say “I don’t.” 

In a new article published in Reader’s Digest, “If You Need a Divorce, These States Are the Fastest…and the Slowest,” family law expert Bari Z. Weinberger examines why divorce can lag in some states compared to others. Live in a state like California, Rhode Island, South Carolina or Arkansas? Find out why your divorce may up end up taking longer than those living in speedier states like Alaska, Nevada, New Hampshire and New Jersey.

However, just because you live in a “slow divorce” state doesn’t mean there is nothing you can do to expedite the divorce process. And if you live in a “speedier” state for divorce, you need to be aware of pitfalls that can still push you off the fast track. Below, find some of Bari’s favorite time-saving divorce tips — good for no matter where you live.

4 ways to save time in your divorce 

Avoid needless battles: There are certain divorce battles that are rarely “won” by either side. For example, if you are both fit parents, the court will most likely try to get child custody to as close to 50/50 as possible because that is what is in the best interest of your child. So, spending all the time and energy fighting for “full custody” may not be a good use of your resources. The courts are still going to stick with what is in the best interests of your child, which is almost always time spent with both parents. The old saying, “choose your battles wisely” may be no more true than it is in divorce. 

“When you spend time arguing needlessly over something like who gets the microwave, it’s time to step back and reassess. Do your best to keep your emotions out of the process.” — Bari Z. Weinberger

Strategize Smartly: Come up with a list of your goals and needs. Are you wiling to negotiate on the house? Do you need alimony? What are your true sticking points, and what are you willing to give up as a way to get what you want. 

Use easy to resolve issues to build momentum: Are there issues that you both agree on and can settle right now? Then write down a list of the agreeable terms, sign it, and then move on to other issues that may need more negotiation. Getting to “yes” on smaller issues helps to build more momentum to get through thornier decisions, such as child support or custody.  

Explore Mediation: If there is any way you can see sitting down with your spouse and a neutral third party mediator to decide the issues of your divorce, it’s worth exploring this process. Mediation takes less time to reach a settlement than going to court, is less costly than typical litigation, and is generally less stressful too. 

To find out what it will take to keep your divorce on track, speak with a divorce attorney about how to prioritize what you want and need in your settlement. When you have a strategy before you, it helps you enter the process with realistic expectations and goals that can be met.

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