Can I be charged with parental kidnapping if I keep my child beyond my parenting time?

From time to time, we answer common questions we get about divorce, custody, assets and other family law issues. Today’s question is about child custody and understanding what constitutes parental kidnapping. 


My ex kept my daughter when it supposed to be my parenting time last weekend. My daughter is with me now for parenting time, so I texted my ex saying I will keep her for a few more days to make up for the time lost. My ex replied that if I do this, she will call the cops and say I kidnapped our child. Does she have the legal right to do this? Read more

Child Custody in Divorce: Is Seeking Full Custody Right For You?

full custody

Wondering if full custody is right for you? Here are some questions to help you make an informed decision. Read more

How To Keep Details Of Your Divorce From Reaching Your Kids’ Ears

keep divorce away from children's ears

When you are divorcing and have children, you want to do everything you can to minimize their stress and ease this time of transition for your family. This starts with shielding your children from conflict that may still be running high between you and your ex.

Are your children being dragged into the middle? Here are 7 steps to keep the adults-only details of your divorce private and off your children’s radar. Read more

7 Ways To Get More Time With Your Kids During The School Year

More parenting time during the school year

Does your school year parenting time schedule leave you feeling disconnected from your children? Getting more parenting time with your kids during the school year not only strengthens your relationship, but it also demonstrates to your ex that you’re committed to being an involved, consistent co-parent. This is extremely important should either of you pursue a formal modification to your  custody agreement in the future. Here are easy some ways to maximize time spent with your children this school year. Read more

Surviving Back-to-School Night When You Have a High-Conflict Ex

surviving back-to-school night and parent-teacher conferences with a toxic ex

If you have the misfortune of being divorced from a high conflict ex, you may anticipate back-to-school night and parent-teacher conferences with dread. Will your difficult co-parent snipe at you in front of your child’s teachers? Bad-mouth you to the other parents? Try not to panic! Calm your anxiety by following these tips for surviving school events with your ex. Read more

How Do You Deal With a Toxic Co-Parent?

toxic co-parent

Your attempts at co-parenting have left you exhausted and frustrated. Are you dealing with a truly toxic co-parent? Here’s how to cope.  Read more

5 Ways To Support Your Child Changing To A New School After Divorce

new school after divorce

Going to a new school is one of the biggest changes, and challenges, faced by children of divorcing parents. Along with adjusting to a new family structure – which may include new homes – your child will also have to get used to a different educational environment. Here are 5 ways you can help ease your child’s transition to their new school. Read more

What if your ex doesn’t want to vaccinate the kids? 

parental rights child vaccines

For many divorced parents, vaccinations are simply part of their children’s pediatric care — it’s a non-issue. But when one co-parent objects to vaccinations due to religious beliefs or vaccine safety concerns, childhood immunizations can be a heated source of conflict in divorce and beyond.

If one parent doesn’t want to vaccinate the kids, what kind of say does the other parent have?  Read more

4 Strategies For Dealing With a Narcissist Co-Parent

narcissist co-parent

If you are divorcing a narcissist, you may find that conventional co-parenting advice doesn’t seem to apply to you. You’re bombarded with hostile emails and texts 24/7. Conversations that should be straightforward turn into World War III. Whenever the kids have a problem, your narcissist ex tells you it’s your fault. With things as hard as they are now, you can’t imagine how you’re going to survive the years until your children are adults. There is no doubt about it, dealing with a narcissist co-parent is exasperating. But rest assured, there are strategies to help you cope: Read more

Are Vaccine Choice Rights At Risk In New Jersey? 

Have you decided not to vaccinate your child? A new New Jersey appellate court ruling could affect parental rights to say no to routine immunizations. 

Here’s what you need to know…  Read more