The Gifts of Divorce – Holiday Shopping Ideas, Too!

It’s the thick of the holiday shopping season, a time when most of us are hitting up sale after sale in order to cross a few more names off this year’s gift buying list. However, when it comes to buying a gift for a friend or loved one going through the heartache of divorce, finding the perfect present may be a bit more difficult than picking out a new sweater or buying the latest tech gadget. Read more

Repairing Your Credit After Divorce

Mark went through what he calls a very “modern day divorce” last year when he and his ex-wife ended up dividing more marital debts than marital assets in their divorce settlement. The couple closed two joint credit cards, both with high outstanding balances and a record of missed payments. They also sold their home in a short sale, meaning they were able to get out of their underwater mortgage, but because the house sold for less than what they owed, there was no money from the sale to go towards paying down debts. Read more

Post-Divorce Holiday Survival Guide: 2012 Edition

Thanksgiving is here and the December holidays of Christmas, Chanukah, and New Year’s are right around the corner. We’ve shared tips before on how to survive the holidays when you are separated or going through a divorce. But another year has passed, and we’re back with some all new and updated ways on how to enjoy this special season, no matter what your marital status. Read more

Will Divorce Mean Losing Your Health Insurance Coverage?

Your spouse provided health insurance benefits in the form of a employer-sponsored family plan. Now that you are getting a divorce, however, you will no longer be eligible and will need to pay for your own coverage — or go uninsured. Read more

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Filing for Divorce

For most couples, making the decision to get a divorce isn’t an easy one. So how do you know it’s really time to call it quits? Here are five questions to ask yourself before declaring your marriage done. Read more

Hurricane Sandy Help for Divorced Families

The devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy has significantly disrupted the lives of families throughout New Jersey. But for divorced families, there may an extra layer of concern right now involving co-parenting issues. Have impassable roads impacted your child custody arrangements and parenting time? Have you not been in contact with your child since the storm? Have power outages throughout New Jersey closed your place of work and now you are concerned about making this month’s child support payment? Read more