Spousal Cyber Spying

Spousal Cyber Spying: Are You At Risk?

Are you at risk from spousal spying or cyber spying? An abusive spouse can easily take hacking apps or spyware technologies and use them to cyber stalk their partner. If your spouse demonstrates controlling or abusive behavior and also enjoys technological tinkering, you may have special cause for concern.

Spousal Spying: Are You At Risk? is a free download that explains:

  • what is spousal cyber spying,
  • cyber spying as domestic abuse,
  • what actions are illegal,
  • what you can do to protect yourself, and
  • how to get help.

IMPORTANT: If you or someone you know is the target of domestic surveillance, a domestic violence hotline responder can answer your questions. Counselors and advocates are available around the clock to help you make a plan to protect yourself, connect you with resources to ensure your safety, and help you re-establish your privacy and your financial independence and security.