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Tips for Relocating With Your Children Out of State

relocating with your children out of stateYou have gotten that dream job and you are all set to accept the offer. But, there is one issue. The job is located in Florida and you live, with your children, in New Jersey. What is the best way to approach relocating with your children out of state? Here are several tips to help you navigate moving out of state with minor children: Read more

Considering Older Kids’ Preferences When Determining Parenting Time Plans

older kids and divorceParenting time plans developed during a child’s early years may need to be adjusted as a child matures, particularly during adolescence. The 3-year-old who clung to his mother’s legs when Dad arrived for visitation may decide he wants to spend most, or even all of his time with his father as he nears legal adulthood. How are an older child’s preferences taken into account when making child custody decisions? Read more

3 Mistakes to Avoid When You’re a Dad Going Through Divorce

Boy riding piggy back on his father's back

Concerned that your father’s rights will not be respected in your divorce? Men are often under the impression that dads just can’t win when it comes to child custody rulings. However, asserting your fathers rights may be easier than you ever thought possible IF you do the work to avoid these three mistakes:   Read more