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New Jersey Palimony

New Jersey (NJ) Palimony Attorneys

Unmarried couples in New Jersey, who have cohabitated, may have certain rights and obligations to one another. While New Jersey law does not protect unmarried cohabitants' rights at the same level as it does married couples, it does offer some protection. A prominent NJ palimony lawyer can discuss all legal options with you and determine if you are entitled to receive New Jersey palimony.

If you are in a long-term relationship and your partner has made a promise, in a written agreement, to care for you for the rest of your life, you may have a viable claim for New Jersey palimony. New Jersey has begun to recognize the increasing number of unmarried cohabitating couples. As such, New Jersey palimony is more widely sought-after and awarded.

Requirements for New Jersey Palimony

In order for someone to be eligible for palimony, a formal contract or agreement needs to have been executed. In order for this agreement to be deemed valid for NJ palimony purposes, each party must have independent counsel. A New Jersey palimony lawyer will need to review and memorialize the support related promises made between the couple. In an NJ palimony case, testimony from both parties may be required for a judge to reach a proper determination regarding your New Jersey palimony matter.

Palimony versus Alimony

During a traditional New Jersey divorce, alimony is typically paid in weekly or monthly installments. Palimony, on the other hand, is paid in a lump sum amount. While alimony is based upon marital obligations, palimony is a purely contractual promise to provide on-going support upon the conclusion of a relationship.

New Jersey Palimony Lawyers

Whether you are filing for palimony or facing a palimony claim, the New Jersey palimony lawyers at Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group will help you resolve your NJ palimony matters. While obtaining palimony can be difficult, a seasoned NJ palimony lawyer will be able to review your case to determine if you have a viable claim for New Jersey palimony.