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Divorce & Family Law Articles

Articles and Information Authored By Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group Attorneys

Our growing collection of attorney-written articles helps to explain, in more in-depth, common issues and situations encountered by those engaged in divorce and family law matters.

Articles to Help with Divorce Issues:

  • Starting The New Jersey Divorce Process:
    Understanding the grounds for divorce and what divorce documents must be filed can help reduce the stress that is especially common in the beginning of the divorce process.
  • New Jersey Divorce Documents Explained:
    Managing partner Bari Weinberger explains what documents must be filed with the court during the divorce process.
  • Understanding The Early Settlement Panel:
    At this mandatory court appearance, often referred to as the "ESP" date, parties have the chance to put forward a settlement proposal in writing and see, often for the very first time, exactly what their spouse is looking to obtain in settlement.
  • New Jersey Case Information Statement Explained:
    The New Jersey Case Information Statement, which is also referred to as the CIS, can be time consuming to fill out; however, your dedication to properly completing this document can impact the resolution of your divorce case.
  • 7 Tips to Achieve an Uncontested Divorce:
    Ready to get your divorce over with, start fresh, and move on? Here are 7 tips that can speed up the process and immediately ease some of your stress.
  • All Aspects of the Discovery Phase of the Divorce Process:
    Finding out the extent of assets and debts held by the couple (together and as individuals) is part of the discovery process in divorce. Accessibility to proof that assets and debts exist can often be tricky.

Articles to Help with Child Related Issues:

  • Can Kids Count on Us?
    The Kids Count program invites children involved in custody disputes to visit the courtroom and meet judges as a way for them to feel more comfortable during courtroom appearances.
  • Moving to Another State with Your Child:
    When one parent seeks to remove a child from the state, here is why it is up to the moving parent to show that a change in custody is in the best interest of the child.