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Palimony: Even If He Promised You the Moon…Get it in Writing!

questions about palimony?To be or not to be…many couples today are opting to not be married, but still maintain close, monogamous relationships, even with children. The somewhat antiquated notion that couples have to be legally married in order to legitimize their relationship has largely gone by the wayside in our more modern society. But what if you have decided to give up your career, have children and become a stay-at-home parent at the request of and with the full support of your significant other? If you two separate, will your ex be obligated to financially support you? Can you divide assets? Read more

Fugitive From Support Obligations? New Jersey Courts Will Not Help You

Dealing with an international child custody dispute? In a recent New Jersey Appellate court decision (Matison v. Lisnyansky), a three judge panel found that a man who failed to pay his palimony and child support, and who had fled to Russia, could not use the New Jersey court system to help him appeal the palimony and custody judgment against him. Mr. Lisnyansky remained outside of the country avoiding arrest on an outstanding warrant for failure to pay his child support when he filed his appeal. Read more

Who Says it Was an Agreement? When Palimony Becomes A Case in NJ

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New Jersey family law attorneys and their “palimony” clients have been anxiously awaiting an important decision from the New Jersey Supreme Court in the appeal of Maeker v. Ross, 430 N.J. Super. 79 (App. Div. 2013). On September 25, 2014, the Court handed down its opinion, holding, in short, that parties to palimony agreements that have not been reduced to a signed writing can still go to court to enforce those agreements, provided they were made prior to January 18, 2010. Read more

Sesame Street Actor Embroiled in Dispute Over Oral Palimony Agreement

Should Montclair resident Sharon Joiner-Orman receive palimony from her partner of 39 years, Sesame Street actor Roscoe Orman — even though the support agreement was never put in writing? Here’s the scoop on a controversial new ruling from a New Jersey Superior Court judge. Read more

More Cohabiting Couples In Court After Breaking Up

Live with your partner, but never tied the knot, and now want to know what legal options are available in the event you break up? You are not alone, according to a recent poll of American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyer (AAML) members that revels a spike in the number of court battles between couples who had previously lived together. Overall, 48 percent of attorneys surveyed noted an increase in court cases involving cohabiting couples. At the same time, 39 percent of lawyers cite a rise in couples who seek cohabitation agreements. Read more