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Whether you are a servicemember or a civilian spouse, military divorce differs from civilian divorce in several significant ways. How does a servicemember’s active duty obligations affect child custody? What happens to the civilian spouse’s access to healthcare and housing? How are military pensions divided? We understand the added concerns that servicemembers and their spouses have during divorce. Working collaboratively with you, our experienced attorneys will provide you with the the legal assistance you need to safeguard your children, protect your assets, and secure your future. As our client, you will directly benefit from our knowledge and skill in military family law issues. Your peace of mind is our top priority.

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Talk to your counsel about:

  • How do military residency requirements affect where I file for divorce?
  • How can I get custody of my kids if I am on active duty?
  • How does the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) protects servicemembers from default judgements?
  • How will military rules affect asset and military pension division in our divorce?

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“My Weinberger Law Group attorney was impressive from our initial consultation meeting to going to court. She truly represented me and the matters I wanted to resolve. She is extremely professional and provides excellent legal advice and suggestions. In an era when exceptional one-to-one customer service excellence has disappeared, the work my attorney and her team did was simply extraordinary.” **

~Rudolph H.

“I would like to thank my attorney and everyone at Weinberger Law Group for all you’ve you done for me. You have always been sympathetic, compassionate and professional. Without your help, I would not have started my “new”life. Thank you!” **
~Yoko E.

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