If a divorce involves complex issues can you still use mediation?

Can you use mediation for complex issues in New Jersey? What about child custody matters and difficult asset negotiations?

Can you use mediation for complex issues in New Jersey? Complex issues can absolutely be brought before a mediator and can be resolved without the need for court intervention. Complex issues such as child custody determination, distribution of real estate holdings and businesses, or other types of significant financial assets such as pensions or retirement assets, can be decided between the parties, and controlled between the parties, and ultimately resolved at a mediation session. The benefit of mediation is that the parties come together and they control the final outcome of their whole divorce, so it could be a simple issue, it could be a complex issue, as long as you have two willing participants who show up and are willing to effectuate positive communication, and they’re willing to come to the table and participate in a compromised communication. Absolutely any type of issue could be addressed and formally resolved through mediation.

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