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New Jersey Divorce Mediation & Mediators

Making Peace through Mediation-an Alternative Dispute Resolution Process

In New Jersey, divorce mediation (or using a family law mediator) can be instrumental in assisting both parties reach an amicable agreement when it comes to family and matrimonial issue(s) without going through the steps of traditional New Jersey divorce litigation.

New Jersey divorce mediation is a cooperative, not contentious, process designed to achieve peaceful solutions during times of conflict. Couples in distress looking to maintain a respectful relationship for their children's best interest often find that the services of a New Jersey divorce mediator, such as those found at Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group, is the most civilized way to address and resolve disputes. Additionally, NJ family law and divorce mediation is beneficial to many couples considering separation or divorce, especially when it comes to creating workable child custody and parenting time plans, simplifying the division of assets and liabilities and developing agreeable alimony and child support provisions.

Why New Jersey Divorce Mediation Works

In contrast with traditional New Jersey divorce litigation, the primary goal of WLG's New Jersey divorce mediation services is to help minimize animosity between the couple. Especially when children are involved, emotions can quickly spiral out of control, complicating matters and causing unnecessary trauma to the couple's offspring. By hiring an experienced New Jersey divorce mediator—as can be found with the divorce attorney team at Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group—you can take comfort knowing a professional will support you through the entire process of these important family law matters:

More than just Mediators

When you hire Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group as your New Jersey divorce mediator, both parties will receive personal assistance in developing specific resolutions that address each of their family issues. From alimony to division of assets, child custody, and child support, New Jersey family law courts are in favor of family law mediation as an alternative to conventional divorce litigation. Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group focuses on opening the lines of communication so each party can have his or her fair say, both now and long after the New Jersey divorce process has come to closure. Sensitive to the vulnerabilities this troubling time can create, the goal is to manage the discussions while keeping stress levels at bay. Your WLG family law mediator is a strong listener and creative problem solver, hoping to encourage positive attitudes from all participants.

Contact a New Jersey Divorce Mediator

At Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group, our NJ divorce and matrimonial mediators can either be retained as the actual mediator in your family law matter or serve as independent counsel offering professional legal advice during the divorce mediation process. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the New Jersey divorce process, we cannot act in both capacities in the same case.