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New Jersey Father's Rights

The law in the State of New Jersey (NJ) is gender neutral and both parents are presumed to have equal rights to their children. If you believe that you have not been afforded the same rights in the New Jersey family courts, simply because you are a man, then it is imperative that you speak with one of our New Jersey father's rights attorneys. At Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group, our NJ father's rights attorneys will explore all of your legal options and help you stand up for your rights as an equal parent.

As a divorced or separated parent, it is only natural to have concerns regarding NJ child custody, visitation, and child support. At Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group, our prominent NJ family law attorneys can help you fight for your rights as a father and answer all of your legal questions. Some of the issues we can help you address include (but are not limited to):

  • Do you have questions about parental alienation?
  • Are you seeking New Jersey custody of your child and which form of custody?
  • Do you believe that an NJ custody order already in place needs to be revisited?
  • Do you need a fixed parenting plan and how can it best be structured for you?
  • Do you believe that your child support order needs to be recalculated?
  • Are you concerned that the other parent intends to move out of the State of New Jersey with your child?
  • Do you have questions regarding paternity?
  • Are you looking to terminate the mother's parental rights?
  • Are you a step-father seeking adoption of your step-child?
  • And more

Meeting with an NJ Father's Rights Attorney

When you meet with a New Jersey father's rights attorney, it is important for you to be candid about the specific role you want to serve in your child's life. It is essential to consider the child's best interests and needs, as well as your own availability. If you feel that you are better suited to take on the role of primary residential parent, we will discuss the process and zealously represent you in that capacity.