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December 2008

  1. Meditate away your stress – The practice of meditation offers peace, serenity, and calm — a welcome respite from the turbulent emotions of divorce.
  2. Curing the divorce hangover – A “divorce hangover” is the unfinished emotional experience of a divorce. This hangover can be healed: divorce doesn’t have to be a permanent state of being, a condition that keeps you trapped in chronic pain or numbness. It’s the end of one phase of your life, and regardless of whether it was by choice or not, it can be the beginning of a happier, more satisfying one.
  3. Getting settled – What you need to know before creating a settlement agreement.
  4. How do property disputes first go wrong?
  5. Making the decision: separation – Beginning of the End, or a New Beginning?
  6. Frequently asked questions about infidelity

November 2008

  1. Parenting pitfalls – Since your children’s adjustment is directly linked to yours, you must learn how to handle the stresses brought about by your divorce. Here are some of the most common warning signs that you need help before your children become casualties of your divorce.
  2. Saving on a shoestring – Divorce can really strain your finances, and unless you take action now, you might watch your debts grow into a mountain while your savings shrink to nothing. Here are some practical steps you can take to increase your savings — and reduce your anxiety.
  3. The mediation alternative – Mediation is emerging as a viable alternative to standard divorce litigation. Here’s what you need to know.
  4. The real estate lawyer’s divorce primer
  5. Victimhood: the curse of divorce recovery
  6. Navigating the law: the art of the deal

October 2008

  1. Your money’s worth – How to choose and work with financial professionals — both during and after divorce
  2. Separation agreement considerations and separation preparedness
  3. Peaceful divorce – Mediation can help you minimize the financial and emotional costs of divorce — despite the hurt, anger, and lack of trust that usually accompanies the breakdown of a marriage. Here are some of the most important keys to creating a peaceful divorce.
  4. Orderly justice: the phases of a divorce trial
  5. Joint or sole custody?
  6. How do I tell the kids about the divorce? – Using a storybook format to break the news to your children in a loving way.

September 2008

  1. I may not be the answer
  2. Divorce considered “morally acceptable” to 70% of Americans in Gallup poll
  3. Your money personality – Do you have a realistic sense of the money attitudes and behaviors you exhibit in your daily life? This article will help you increase your self-awareness as you gain an overview of your present relationship to money (its strengths as well as its weaknesses) and of your money personality in general.
  4. Whose life is it anyway? – Wondering what life will be like after divorce? Best-selling author and life coach Cheryl Richardson says it begins with taking a leadership role in your own life. Here’s how.
  5. Making your marriage work

August 2008

  1. Divorce advice from divorce lawyers
  2. Navigating the law: the art of the deal
  3. Surviving financially after divorce – How to prepare yourself to deal with the financial realities of divorce.
  4. Coping with a difficult ex – For many divorcing parents, the process of parting and the years that follow involve a cascade of infuriating, disrespectful, and hurtful exchanges. Here are ten strategies for reducing frustration and conflict — and increasing respectful communication and peace — between divorced co-parents.
  5. Soul survival – Stress can seem like a runaway train when you’re going through separation or divorce. Getting away from it all at a spa can help you get your life back on track.
  6. Mediation Barriers – We asked several prominent divorce mediators how to recognize and overcome some of the most common barriers to a successful mediation. Here’s what they had to say.

July 2008

  1. Your divorce team – How to find and choose the best possible advisors to help you.
  2. Conflict & parenting: customize your post-separation parenting relationship
  3. Reinventing relationships – Your marital relationship is over, but what about your relationship with your in-laws, their relationship with your children, or even your relationship with your ex-spouse’s new Significant Other? What is healthy and appropriate? Since no one has written the new rules and codes of social conduct for relationships engendered by divorce, we asked some experts to share their insights with us.
  4. Family-centered divorce
  5. Waiting for change

June 2008

  1. Common Knowledge – “Common-law” marriages aren’t nearly as common as most people believe. Here’s what you need to know to protect your rights while you’re together — and after you break up.
  2. Divorce Mediation: Frequently Asked Questions
  3. How to Negotiate a Successful Relationship Agreement
  4. Back to School – If you’ve been out of the workforce for the last five, ten, or more years to concentrate on your marriage and kids, your job skills may have become outdated, and you might be thinking about going back to school to retrain. Or maybe you’ve never liked your job and have been dreaming about a career U-turn. You’ll find inspiration from the real-life stories about people who went back to school after their divorce, and found a new life and a more fulfilling career.
  5. What is the “best” time to divorce? – Should you stay together until your children are a little older, or is it better to make a clean break now?
  6. Turning stumbling blocks into building blocks – If you have recently become separated or divorced, you’re probably experiencing a lot of painful feelings: from loneliness and grief to anger and fear. What if you could use the pain of this crisis as a foundation to build a stronger, happier, more self-aware person?

May 2008

  1. Happily single – It can be shattering at first to be apart from your spouse. But “one” doesn’t have to be the loneliest number: after you’ve grieved, adopt a positive attitude towards your situation. Take advantage of your freedom, and be who you want to be. This is the way to enjoy sudden singlehood — and maybe even prepare for a new, fulfilling relationship.
  2. Grieving and healing after profound loss – We need time to reconstitute ourselves after a loss. Not only has there been a death of someone or something in our life, but we too have died a death.
  3. Stepping off the roller coaster – The divorce roller coaster includes periods of euphoria followed by deep lows. Right now, you may be feeling like an unwilling passenger on a wild ride, but the ride won’t last forever.
  4. Splitting – What’s so bad about blaming your ex for splitting up your marriage?
  5. Divorce liens on the family home
  6. Stress busters – Here are ten easy ways to combat stress.

April 2008

  1. “He said…She said”
  2. How to have “the perfect divorce” for your family – Your family is going to look different after divorce, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Here are ten steps to help you re-create your family as a happy, functional, two-home family post-divorce.
  3. Reaching renewal – Scripting your post-divorce life can be exhilarating, rewarding — and a little overwhelming. Here are some suggestions to help you along your way.
  4. Should you stay or go? – Do you know what it takes to make a relationship work? And how do you know when efforts to do so are futile? If you’re wondering whether ending your relationship is — or was — the right thing to do, or whether you can make a troubled relationship work again, read on.
  5. Conserve cash in a business property settlement
  6. Beating stress — before it beats you – Divorce is one of the most stressful life events you can experience, but there are some valuable remedies — both physical and mental — you can use to reduce your anxiety levels.
  7. The art of negotiation – How to reach an agreement that’s both acceptable and affordable.

March 2008

  1. Within a child’s heart – A glimpse into the journey one boy faced when his parents divorced.
  2. A fair negotiation – Negotiation skills will help you achieve some of your needs and wants without alienating or angering the other parties involved. Here’s how to use negotiation to resolve disputes and to build better interpersonal relationships.
  3. Full esteem ahead – Reclaiming your self-esteem after divorce is a critical part of the healing process. Here are some suggestions to help you on your way.
  4. Sex and divorce – Coping with divorce and the prospect of new sexual relationships can be emotionally challenging, to say the least. Here’s a look at some of the pitfalls and opportunities you’ll encounter as you rebuild your sex life.
  5. How will you find value?  Determining The Price for a Buy-Sell Agreement
  6. Charting your expenses – Your family’s lifestyle and reasonable needs are two components of expenses that play a part in a divorce. The task of budgeting your family’s past, present, and future expenses may seem daunting. Here’s some help to get you started.

February 2008

  1. Valentine’s Day tips from DivorceMagazine.com
  2. The single parent’s primer – Some hints, tips, and advice to help you face the challenges of parenting without a partner.
  3. The “A” Team – Information and advice on the divorce professionals who can help you achieve the ultimate goal: a balanced, fair, and civilized divorce.
  4. Divorce and Grief – A special interview with Russell Friedman, executive director of The Grief Recovery Institute and co-author of The Grief Recovery Handbook.
  5. Feel better now! – Toxic relationships and experiences bring misery, make you feel stuck, and accelerate aging. You must identify and eliminate toxins from your body, mind, and soul to awaken your capacity for renewal and joy.
  6. Top Ten Tips – Here’s the inside scoop on how to save on legal fees in a divorce.
  7. Pensions and Divorce – A pension can be the most valuable asset to be divided in a divorce. Here are a few key points you should know about pension division.

January 2008

  1. Using special masters to resolve post-divorce conflicts
  2. The goodwill conundrum solving the puzzle of goodwill can be difficult – Solving the puzzle of goodwill can be difficult
  3. Learning to co-operate – If you have children together, you must learn to cooperate with your ex; the marriage may be over, but your parenting relationship will last forever.
  4. A perfect fit – How to find a family lawyer tailor-made to suit your divorce’s unique needs.
  5. An extraordinary life
  6. Are you really ready for divorce? – The eight questions you need to ask.

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