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Integrity of Service Pledge

We are dedicated to safeguarding your children, protecting your assets, and securing your future in your divorce or family law matter. Our Integrity of Service Pledge are promises that we abide by in delivering this throughout the time we work together:

We Promise …

to treat each client with consideration and respect.

to go over and explain available options and recommend the option we feel is in the client’s best interest.

to discuss and recommend mediation before litigation when the circumstances warrant, and in the client’s best interest.

to provide each client with realistic expectations to help them make informed decisions.

to allow each client to make the final decision with regard to whether, when and how to settle their case.

to advocate for each clients’ interests within the bounds of the law and legal ethics.

to keep clients reasonably informed about the status of their matter, and communicate in easy to understand language.

to bill fairly and on a regular basis, itemized as to the charges and time spent on each activity.

to maintain complete confidentiality.

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