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Law Firm Retainer Agreement Information

A retainer agreement is a contract between you and the law firm where your rights and responsibilities to each other are outlined. You are strongly encouraged to read and understand the retainer agreement before signing the document as it is a binding legal contract. The retainer fee amount is a sum that the law firm requires that you pay as an advance against work to be done. This means that after you retain our law firm by signing the retainer agreement contract and pay the retainer fee, our law firm is now able to start working on your case and the law firm will get paid from the fee money you initially provide. If those funds are depleted, a refresher retainer will be required by the law firm in order for the attorneys to continue to work on your case.

A common misconception is that a law firm that requires a smaller retainer agreement means that your divorce or family law matter will cost less if you retain that firm. This is absolutely incorrect because the initial retainer amount has nothing to do with how much work and how many hours will be required to resolve your matter. Unfortunately, some law firms will use this lower retainer amount as a way to play on this misconception and lure potential clients to sign up for their services. Of all the criteria you will be considering to determine which law firm and attorney is right for you, the amount of the initial retainer fee should not the most heavily weighed factor.

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