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Child Support Guidelines in New Jersey

The Right to Support Belongs to the Child

In New Jersey, all parents, whether married or unmarried, are obligated to contribute to the support of their children. Child support, or child maintenance as it is sometimes called, is meant to ensure that children can lead healthy and productive lives, both now and in the future.

If you and your child's other parent have a disagreement over a New Jersey child support award, the first thing to keep in mind is that the right to support belongs to the child, not to either of the parents. Courts determine child support amounts according to specific legal factors, and neither parent can waive or bargain away the child's right to receive the appropriate amount of support.

Weinberger Law Group Answers Your Questions about New Jersey Child Support

Parents going through separation or divorce typically have many questions about child support, such as... How much do I need to pay? What if I can't afford the amount set by the judge? What if the monthly support payment isn't enough to cover basic costs? What if the other parent stops paying? Weinberger Law Group has information regarding some of the most common issues regarding child support, including the following:

  • New Jersey Child Support Calculations & Guidelines: We help answer questions on how New Jersey child support is calculated and the guidelines that may apply to your case. Additionally, we also include NJ state provided parenting worksheets to help get you started in figuring child support allocations.
  • Emancipation & Legal Adults: What factors are involved in determining child emancipation in New Jersey? Learn more about when your child becomes a "legal adult" along with what may be involved for your financial and legal obligations.
  • Educational Expenses for Children: Are you unsure when a parent is obligated to contribute toward a child's education? Do you wonder how education expenses factor into child support? Learn when child support continues for children over the age of 18 and may be attending college.
  • Child Support Enforcement & Recovery: How can I enforce payment of a child support order? Enforcing and recovering child support often requires legal assistance. Learn more about the options.
  • Child Support Modifications & Amendments: What if I lose my job? What if my child experiences a medical problem that incurs significant costs? There can be numerous circumstances that justify modification of New Jersey child support terms. Children's needs change and, sometimes, financial situations change. We help you understand the child support modification process in New Jersey.

New Jersey Child Support Guidance from Weinberger Law Group

Do you need help with a child support matter? Whether you need to pay or will receive payments on behalf of your child, the experienced New Jersey attorneys at Weinberger Law Group can guide you through any questionable or complicated child support calculations and determine whether any special circumstances may apply to your individual case.

Our New Jersey family law attorneys strive to help our clients make well-informed decisions that take into account both the pros and the cons of any position. We can help you navigate through the New Jersey divorce and child support system to obtain an initial order for support, calculate an accurate child support figure, or modify or enforce an existing child support agreement or court order. Rest assured, we're here for you every step of the way.

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