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New Jersey Private Adoption

There are many children in this world who need a warm and loving home to call their own. If you would like to enrich your family through adoption, the New Jersey private adoption attorneys at Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group can help you through the entire adoption process. While many New Jersey adoptions proceed without difficulty, complications can arise during the adoption process, creating unnecessary obstacles for you and your family. Whether or not you are experiencing complications with your New Jersey adoption, the zealous and compassionate New Jersey adoption attorneys at Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group will represent you and your family in court and throughout the proceedings.

Private Adoptions in New Jersey

New Jersey private adoptions generally take place between the child's biological parents and the prospective adoption parents—either with or without an agency. In addition, a private adoption

can occur either in the United States or abroad (internationally).

Private Domestic Adoption—if you have chosen to adopt a child in the United States, you will need a skilled and experienced New Jersey adoption attorney who can assist you in filing all the necessary adoption paperwork and represent you throughout the entire adoption process.

Private International Adoption—if you have chosen to adopt a child from another country (international adoption) you will need an NJ adoption attorney who understands international law and who can help your international adoption proceed without complications.

Out of State Private Adoption

If you reside in New Jersey, but the child you wish to adopt does not, the adoption process can become substantially more complicated. Interstate adoptions can become more complex due to the differing laws in each state. As such, a knowledgeable New Jersey adoption attorney is needed to research all applicable state laws and provide professional legal counsel during this exciting time.

Private New Jersey Adoption Attorneys Dedicated to Your Family

As your devoted New Jersey adoption attorneys, we are ready to serve as your representatives during this significant time in your life. The New Jersey adoption attorneys at Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group are committed to helping you secure the required home study, as well as prepare the adoption paperwork necessary to make your family's dreams come true. Even if you have worked with an overseas adoption agency, we can help you complete the court process to finalize the adoption once your new child arrives home.

The attorneys at Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group, LLC are ready to help you with all of your adoption needs. If you are ready to grow your family through New Jersey private adoption, contact one of our New Jersey adoption lawyers for a consultation and learn how we can guide you through this exciting process.