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New Jersey Grandparent or Relative Adoption

New Jersey adoption is not limited to just parents and step-parents. There are many occasions when grandparents, aunts, uncles, and even older siblings adopt a family member, in order to provide a stable home. A grandparent or family member usually chooses to adopt a child when the child's parents are unable to provide adequate care for them. There are many reasons NJ parents are unable to care for their children, including:

  • Death
  • Illness
  • Incapacitation
  • Incarceration
  • Substance abuse
  • Abuse and neglect of the child
  • Economic hardship
  • Unwillingness
  • And more

In these situations, both of the child's biological parents must have their parental rights relinquished in order for the New Jersey adoption to be completed. Once the parental rights have been surrendered, the NJ adoption process usually proceeds rather quickly and efficiently, and the grandparent(s) or relative(s) can then assume full legal and financial responsibility for the child.

Benefits to New Jersey Grandparent or Relative Adoption

New Jersey grandparent adoption provides a number of benefits for both the child who is being adopted and the grandparents, including:

  • Child's right to inherit
  • Child's right to medical coverage
  • Grandparent(s) or relative(s) can effectively manage all aspects of the child's care
  • Grandparent(s) or relative(s) may qualify for Federal Adoption Tax Credits and other tax benefits
  • Emotional and physical security for the child
  • Feeling of family unity
  • And more

New Jersey Grandparent or Relative Adoption Attorneys

Choosing to adopt a grandchild or relative can be a difficult and overwhelming decision to make. There may be strong emotional feelings of fear, uncertainty, and grief, especially if the child's parents have died or are incapacitated. During this emotional time, it is important to have an experienced and compassionate NJ grandparent or relative adoption attorney on your side. While it is only natural to feel overwhelmed during the adoption process, our skilled and veteran New Jersey grandparent and relative adoption attorneys can answer your adoption questions and help you understand all of the legal options that are available to you.

Our NJ adoption lawyers will assist you throughout the entire adoption process from terminating the parents' rights to drafting all legal documents needed to secure your adoption. In addition, NJ adoption attorneys can help you find the support you need to take on the sudden challenge of parenting.

The New Jersey grandparent and relative adoption lawyers at the law firm of Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group, LLC look forward to assisting you with all types of New Jersey adoption matters. From New Jersey grandparent adoption to private New Jersey adoption, our NJ family law attorneys are here to help.