Job Discrimination For Divorced Workers in New Jersey Ruled Illegal

iStock_000014441624SmallA New Jersey appeals court on Friday ruled that the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination’s ban against discrimination based on “marital status” applies to people who are going through a divorce. Read more

Assembly Committee Approves New Jersey Alimony Reform Bill

On Thursday, the New Jersey Assembly Judiciary Committee issued a unanimous recommendation to pass legislation fundamentally changing the way alimony is awarded in most New Jersey divorces.
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Liquidate or Keep the House? What’s Best for Your Divorce 

divorce settlement assets

When it comes to dividing assets in divorce, the issue of “what happens to the house?” is usually one of the most contentious and emotional issues a couple must address in reaching a settlement. Why is the house such a big deal? In most marriages, real estate, in the form of the family home, represents the largest jointly owned asset up for division. Secondly, but of no less equal importance, can be the emotional attachment many feel with their home, especially if they are raising children. Read more

Keep Your Divorce Offline: Social Media Postnups and Prenups

_1__FacebookPrenuptial agreements can pre-decide matters such as who keeps the house in the event of a divorce, but did you also know that prenuptial agreements can spell out the somewhat stickier issue of what you and your spouse can say about each other on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites? Read more

5 Silver Linings of Divorce

It’s hoped that every marriage can be mended and saved, but the truth is divorce happens, and almost always for some very serious reasons.

Think the end of a marriage is all downside? This doesn’t have to be true! If your relationship is best labeled as “irretrievably broken,” here are five silver linings you can look forward to now that you have made the decision to divorce. Read more

New Jersey Court Ruling May Change College Tuition Obligation Rules for Divorced Parents


When the relationship between a divorced parent and their child is a rocky one, is that parent obligated to pay college tuition? This is the question at the center of a precedent-setting court decision issued Friday by Ocean County Superior Court Judge Lawrence Jones. Read more

New Jersey Collaborative Divorce Bill Approved by Senate Committee

A bill passed by the New Jersey Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee last week has pushed the state one step closer to putting in place more precise rules outlining “collaborative divorce,” a method of divorce in which couples settle their matters out of court via a comparatively less expensive and less time-consuming process than traditional “divorce court” litigation Read more

Survey: Post-Recession Couples More Likely To Be Honest About Money, Finances


If there is a silver lining to the Great Recession of 2008, it may be that couples today are more open and aware when it comes to discussing money and financial matters, even before they are married, says a new survey from Experian, one of the country’s leading credit reporting agencies. Read more